VoiceLab.AI - Conversational Intelligence

VoiceLab is a technology firm from Gdańsk, working on automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU).

Our team of high-class specialists is working on improving automatic speech recognition in many languages using large amounts of acoustic and text data.

With the use of deep neural networks, a very large dataset consisting of several thousand hours of hand-labelled data, a number of powerful servers (over 40 GPU cards, HPC), we are building large acoustic models, language models, and dictionaries in many languages. Our main goal is to constantly improve the quality of recognition.

Using our technologies we have created a number of interesting products, mainly in the SaaS model, for automatic speech recognition (smartphone/desktop apps), process automation, Conversational Intelligence, passive voice biometrics, voicebots, and even offline solutions for smart homes - wherever there is a need for speech recognition and language understanding our technology can be applied and used.

VoiceLab solutions are used by thousands of people.

More about Voicelab

  • Automatic Speech recognition (ASR)
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Customer care IVR automation
  • Intent recognition platform