Project launch

How a HearAI story begins

Deaf are an excluded group. HearAI aims to make the world more accessible for the Deaf community.

We are excited to announce that our project finally came to life!

What is HearAI

HearAI is a nonprofit, educational project which aims to build deep learning solutions to make the world more accessible for the Deaf community. Our main goal is to expand the existing knowledge base, working on segmentation and detection of Polish Sign Language phrases.

Why this topic?

Deaf belong to the most excluded social groups.
Communication is a huge problem, and understanding Sign Language is key to resolve it. Deaf people learn Polish as a foreign language. Because of that, they have difficult access to information and entertainment in their native language.
We have also spotted the problem of the lack of open-source solutions dedicated to Polish Sign Language. We want to expand this knowledge base and try to raise attention to Deaf community problems.

Our plan

For the next six months, we will gather together online every week.
We divided the project into three breakpoints:

  • November - January - Project planning.
  • January - April - Model design, training & testing.
  • April - June - Article preparation & summary.

To see detailed schedule click here.
Our plan includes various technical and non-technical workshops with experienced speakers to expand our views on Deaf community problems, sign language, and technical knowledge.

You will gain confidence in working in machine learning projects, have an opportunity to learn more about Deaf community problems and Sign Language, and expand your technical knowledge.
For the next six months, we will work together and gather online every week.

We managed to connect 5 ML Enthusiasts and 5 Mentors, but we know it is not enough!

We are recruiting seven more people to join our team!

We are looking for volunteers of all genders willing to commit to the 6-month-long project and spend their free time working on AI for good. You will be a good match for our team if you:

  • Have good Python skills.
  • Have (basic) knowledge of Machine Learning solutions.
  • Have free time and want to spend it on voluntary work.
  • Are a team player.
  • Are open-minded.
  • Have a willingness to learn and share your knowledge.

Are you interested? Fill our register form here.

Natalia Czerep
Natalia Czerep
Junior ML Engineer

Currently IT Analyst Intern at UBS working in a field of Cybersecurity, third year CS student at UWr. Former R&D intern in Computer Vision team @ Neurosys. Passionate about data analysis and ML.