Blog article contest

Write a post and get your own HearAI hoodie.

Today, we would love to share an awesome opportunity to win great hoodie with our project logo!

One of our project main goals is to increase society's awareness in terms of Deaf. How do we do that? First of all, we've organized awesome event (recording of which will be available soon). Besides that, we are publishing some posts here on our blog. Since we are really busy with working on the code and searching for feasible data, we are lacking the time to share as many posts as we would wish to see.

So, what should you do to win a hoodie?

Write a short post (in English, 5 minutes reading) and send it to along with your picture and a short bio until the end of February 2022. Please note, that we cannot send our hoodies outside of the UE.

What should the post be about?

We are interested in topics about technology, IT, programming, but also related to Deaf people and their culture. Our project combines work on deep learning applications for sign language recognition and share day to day struggles and experiences of the Deaf community.

You are free to choose the topic. For inspiration, we present our suggestions:

  1. The difference between sign language and spoken language

  2. Other sign language description formats (other than HamNoSys)

  3. Display system sounds

  4. Analyze systems for Deaf people

  5. Technological innovations for the Deaf people

  6. The difference between Polish Sign Language and Manually-Coded Polish

  7. Deaf programmers/ ML engineers and their work

  8. CODA (Child of Deaf Adults)

  9. Emotions in a sign conversation

  10. Art in the world of the deaf (e.g. theaters, choirs)

  11. Life-hacks of Deaf people

  12. Progressive Hearing Loss Technology. What technology can help with hearing loss?

  13. Describe your technical idea for a solution that aims to improve the quality of life of a Deaf people

10 best posts will be published, each post author will receive a hoodie!

We would like to thank our partner Intel Technology Poland for the support.

Maria Lewalska
Maria Lewalska
Sign Language Expert

Pedagogy with preschool and early childhood education student with experience in working with children with hearing impairment. Completed the PSL (Polish Sign Language) first degree course