sign language

Project summary

Read about what we have accomplished over couple of months

Sign Language Transformer

Read about Transormers, and our usage of the architecture for SL processing

Exploratory Data Analysis - HamNoSys Baby Steps

Read about Exploratory Data Analysis on HamNosys datasets.

Sign Language Data Analysis

Read about our approach to data preprocessing

Sign Language with Machine Learning

Read about our approach, what types of models we use and our pipeline.

Mysterious abbreviations in the literature on Sign Language

Get to know the phrases commonly used in SL papers and the meaning behind them

Interview with Wiktoria Choręziak

Read the interview with Wiktoria Choręziak, 17 years old model and alpine skier. Wiktoria was born deaf but can speak and sign. During our session she told us about her life and answered numerous questions. Enjoy!

Introduction to HamNoSys Part 2

Read about symmetry operators, hand shape, hand position, and hand location representation in HamNoSys.

Introduction to HamNoSys

Read about one of the most popular sign language annotation system

HAI Virtual Event summary

Read about our virtual event.